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Project Amica

A student-initiated project working with the People’s Association, here to bring our community together through serving those in need 💕🌍

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[ah-mi-cah] Noun

Means "friend" in latin


Who are we?

Hello everyone! 

We are a group of passionate students from Anglo Chinese School Independent, Raffles Institution and many other schools, seeking to give back to the community through service.

Together, the Amica Exco came up with the idea of a volunteer programme with the aim of providing youths like ourselves an opportunity to serve their community through helping the elderly back in 2021.


The project has since expanded to include volunteers from many schools and institutions with the common goal of serving the elderly living in the Yuhua area.

What do we do?

We serve to befriend and assist elderly who struggle to carry out their daily basic household chores. Our volunteers are equipped with the necessary skills (such as sweeping and mopping), to help fill this need. We are also upgrading volunteer skills through sending them for workshops if and when the need and opportunity arises. On top of this, volunteers also assist elderly with tasks such as grocery shopping, or whatever basic help the elderly may require. Our volunteers have brought the elderly to the library and to purchase daily necessities.


We have also expanded beyond the realm of home-cleaning into planning external excursions for the elderly so as to work towards supporting the elderly in other aspects, especially after forging personal bonds with them.





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